About us

India is bestowed with a significant amount of corals and provide livelihood to thousands of dependant people. Reef research is happening in India for several decades. But, there is no dedicated network for the researchers to share the information. A training workshop on coral health was conducted at Suganthi Devasason Marine Research Institute (SDMRI) during December 05 – 08, 2016. Dr Greta s Aeby, Univeristy of Hawaii, USA and Dr Thierry M Work, IUCN Wildlife Health Specialist Group, USA were the instructors along with Dr.K.Diraviya Raj and Dr.G.Mathews from SDMRI. 13 researchers from different organizations and different reef regions of India participated. It was discussed in this workshop about the importance of creating a network of reef researchers. This network has been created out of the resolutions made in the workshop.


To faster the communication, collaboration and information sharing between reef researchers of our country to expand the reef research to protect our national treasures.

What to do

You can share information regarding the corals of our country which include status, threats, issues, etc. You can also share the information about symposia, seminars, workshops, training programs, etc. regarding coral reefs of India.