Bulletin – Fifth Issue

Vol. 4 (1&2), 2012


  • Diversity of crustaceans in Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve (by S. Ajmal Khan)
  • Increase of coral recruit density in Gulf of Mannar – A positive progression in the reef recovery (by K. Diraviya Raj, G. Mathews and J.K. Patterson Edward)
  • A note on status of microbial diversity in Palk Strait region (by Sundaram Ravikumar and Samuel Jacob Inbaneson)
  • A note on mangroves in the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve (by K.Kathi resan,P.Ananadaraman,K.Sivakumar ,T.Ramanathan ,K.Saravanakumar,T.Thangaradjou, T.Govindan ,N.Rajendranan d T.Balasubramanian)
  • Spatial planning as a tool for flood emergency management: a study from Kaikhali village in the Sunderbans (by Tamosi Bhattacharya and Sushma Guleria)
  • Note on a freak cleft foot, bi-operculate truncate spider conch from Gulf of Mannar (by V.Deepak Samuel and T.Anbalagan)