Bulletin – First Issue

Vol. 1 (1&2), 2009


Research Articles

Developing Coastal Community Resilience (by Sushma Guleria).

    • Empowering fisher women through ICT in reef conservation and management a case study from Tuticorin coast of the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India (by Jamila Patterson, Eva Linden, Christin Bierbrier, Dan Wilhelmsson, Inger Lofgren, David Obura and J.K.Patterson Edward).
    • Effect of tributyltin (TBT) based antifouling paints in marine environment (by A. Murugan).
    • Bio-invasion – A threat to marine biodiversity (by A. Biju Kumar).

Research short notes / overviews

    • Coral reproduction in Gulf of Mannar – Good sign (by K. Diraviyaraj).
    • Coral restoration to combat the loss of reef areas in Gulf of Mannar (by G. Mathews).
    • A note on the algal bloom in Keezhakkarai coast of the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India (by J.K. Patterson Edward, V.K. Melkani,M.Thangaraja and Dan Wilhelmsson).
    • Fascinating Seahorses and the need for their conservation (by A. Murugan).
    • Marine microbes: A potential source for extremozymes (by Babu Joseph and P. Ashok Kumar).
    • Importance of sponges and associated microorganisms in anti-cancer research : an overview (by Vinoth S. Ravindran).
    • Annual coral bleaching in Gulf of Mannar (by J.K. Patterson Edward).
    • Coral reefs of Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay: Signs of increased prevalence of coral diseases (by T. Thinesh).
    • Unexplored healthy patch reefs, gorgonid and seagrass beds off South Tuticorin (by J.K. Patterson Edward).
    • Seaweeds – a wonder renewable marine resource (by P. Raja)
    • Background radiation levels along the beaches of Tuticorin, India (by T. Anitha)
    • Knowing cephalopods – Octopus macropous Risso, 1826 (by V. Deepak Samuel and Jamila Patterson).
    • Epibiosis : War on the surface (by T. Prem Anand).
    • Seagrasses – Not in favour of human pathogenic bacteria (by Elizabeth Rajesh).