Bulletin – Second Issue

Vol. 2 (1), 2010

(Special Issue on Baseline data collection in Kudankulam Coast, Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India).

  • Preliminary baseline data on marine flora and fauna of Kudankulam coast, Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India (by G. Mathews, K.Diraviya Raj, T.Thinesh, S. Rajesh, Jamila Patterson and J.K.Patterson Edward).
  • Studies on physical, chemical, pathological and radiological quality of aquatic resources around Kudankulam Nuclear Project site covering a 30 km radius (by A.G.Murugesan,N. Sukumaran, M.P.Rajan, S. Ramesh, C.Sathesh Prabu and Thomas George).
  • Status of Cu, Zn and Cr content in fin and shell fishes of Kudankulam coast, Gulf of Mannar, India (by Y. Lenin Raj, S.Godwin Wesley and M.P. Rajan).
  • Studies on thermal ecology of the marine environment of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project area (by A.G.Murugesan, M.I. Zahir Hussain and N.Sukumaran).
  • The influence of nutritional conditions on the adhesion of marine bacteria to hard surface with special reference to Kudankulam waters (by S. Satheesh and S. Godwin Wesley).
  • Cs-137 in seawater and marine fishes and its bioaccumulation factor in Gulf of Mannar near Kudankulam project (by M.P. Rajan, K.G.Varughese, B. Vijayakumar, Thomas George, P.S. Rajan and M. Kumar).