Coral recruitment

  • The coral recruitment study is being carried out in Gulf of Mannar on both natural and artificial substrates since 2006.
  • A successful coral recruitment pattern has been observed following the successful reproduction. Coral spawning happens during March every year and loads of recruits are observed during late April every year followed by a sharp decline in May. The sudden drop in the recruit density in May is due to the elevated temperature in Gulf of Mannar, which attains the summer maximum (33°C) during this month.
  • The gradual rise in the recruit density is happening with the addition of new recruits every year. The recruits of genera Acropora and Montipora dominate the recruit diversity.
  • The ferro-cement concrete modules which were deployed as Artificial Reefs to enhance the fish production were also found to be occupied with massive coral recruits belonging to the genera, Goniastrea, Favites, Favia, Turbinaria, Symphylia, Porites and Pocillopora.
  • Apart from the sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction through fragmentation also contributes significantly to increase the live coral cover in Gulf of Mannar region.