Vaan Island in Gulf of Mannar on the verge of submergence


Erosion has been a serious threat to Vaan Island as it is shrinking in size over the years. The erosion on the Island is very obvious. As per the notification of the Gulf of Mananr Marine National Park (G.O.Ms.No.962, Forests and Fisheries, 10th September 1986), the Vaan Island was having 16 ha. of area cover.

As per the survey in May 2013, the area of Vaan Island has been reduced to approx. 5.7 hectares and the Island has been split in to two as sea water enters through a narrow gap of 15 m from one side of the Island to the other during high tides. The South side was with about 2.7 ha. and north side was 3 ha. The gap between these two sides was 40 m in length and 15 m in width during the low tide.

On 11.02.2014, the gap seemed to be increasing fast and presently over 60 m in length.