Shore Seine and Inshore Trawling

  • The operation of shore seine is a common scene in Gulf of Mannar coast especially in Islands and Palk Bay. As the reefs and seagrass beds are close to the shore, they are damaged by these nets. Recruits on dead rubble are brought ashore, killing them instantaneously. This is a threat spoken about for many years.
  • Impacts of shore seine operation in Tuticorin region of Gulf of Mannar was studied by SDMRI and it was observed that nearly 70% of the catch were juveniles or very small in size.
  • Inshore bottom trawling in the reef area damages the entire benthic community. Even though fishing using purse seines is not very common it happens illegally, leading to the capture of all the fishes, including juveniles, damaging the reefs and seagrass beds.