Research Papers - 2004

  • Emilin Renitta, R. and Jamila Patterson, (2004). Development of smoked products from marine gastropods. Journal of Marine Biological Association of India, 46(1): 73-79.

  • Ramkumar, R. and J.K. Patterson Edward, (2004). Recruitment of epibenthic communities on artificial reefs in Tuticorin coastal waters, Southeast coast of India. Journal of Marine Biological Association of India, 46(1): 108-112.

  • Chellaram, C., K. Mary Elizabeth Gnanambal and J.K. Patterson Edward, (2004). Antibacterial activity of the winged oyster Pteria chinensis (Pterioida: Pteridae). Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, 33 (4): 369-372.

  • Felicia Shanthini, C., Ashok Kumar, P., and Jamila Patterson, (2004). Incidence and antibiotic susceptibility of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from seafoods of Tuticorin. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 51 (10): 43-47.

  • Ditty Chacko, V. Deepak Samuel and Jamila Patterson, (2004). Effect of salinity and fly-ash on the embryonic development of the bigfin squid, Sepioteuthis lessoniana. Journal of Marine Biological Association of India, 46(2): 162-168.

  • Jamila Patterson, (2004). Generating additional income from waste. SACEP (South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme) News Letter, No.3: 2.

  • Jamila Patterson, (2004). Smoking-an ideal method to preserve mollusk meat. SPC Trochus Information Bulletin, 11: 8-11.

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