Research Papers - 2020

  • Immaculate Jeyasanta and Jamila Patterson (2020). Bioactive Properties of Ink Gland Extract from Squid Loligo duvauceli. Ecologia, 10 (1): 9-19

  • Immaculate Jeyasanta, Narmatha Sathish and Jamila Patterson (2020). Identification of Bioactive Peptides in Mussel Species of Kanyakumari Coast, Asian J. Biotechnol., 12 (2): 75-86.

  • Ashok, A. M., B. Calcinai & J. K. P. Edward (2020) The coral-killing red sponge Clathria (Microciona) aceratoobtusa (Porifera: Demospongiae) invades various coral communities of Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park, southeast India, The European Zoological Journal, 87:1, 1-11, DOI:

  • Narmatha Sathish, M., Immaculate Jeyasanta and Jamila Patterson (2020). Occurrence of microplastics in epipelagic and mesopelagic fishes from Tuticorin, Southeast coast of India. Science of the Total Environment,

  • Immaculate Jeyasanta, K. and Jamila Patterson (2020). Study on the effect of freshness of raw materials on the final quality of fish meals. Indian Journal of Geo Marine Sciences, Vol. 49 (01): 124-134.

  • Immaculate Jeyasanta, K., Narmatha Sathish, Jamila Patterson and J.K. Patterson Edward (2020). Macro-, meso- and microplastic debris in the beaches of Tuticorin district, Southeast coast of India. Marine Pollution Bulletin,

  • Narmatha Sathish, M., Immaculate Jeyasanta and Jamila Patterson (2020). Microplastics in Salt of Tuticorin, Southeast Coast of India. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (2020) 79:111–121

  • Gladwin Gnana Asir, N., Dinesh Kumar, P., Arasamuthu, A., Mathews, G., Diraviya Raj, K., Ashok Kumar, T.K., Deepak Bilgi, S. and Patterson Edward J.K (2020) Eroding islands of Gulf of Mannar, Southeast India: a consequence of long-term impact of coral mining and climate change. Natural Hazards,

  • Jamila Patterson, K. Immaculate Jayasantha, Narmatha Sathish, J.K. Patterson Edward and Andy M. Booth (2020). Microplastic and heavy metal distributions in an Indian coral reef ecosystem. Science of The Total Environment.

  • Narmatha Sathish, M., K. Immaculate Jeyasanta and Jamila Patterson (2020). Monitoring of microplastics in the clam Donax cuneatus and its habitat in Tuticorin coast of Gulf of Mannar (GoM), India. Environmental Pollution.

  • Diraviya Raj, K., Mathews G. and Patterson Edward J.K. (2020) Long-term Benefits of Artificial Reef Modules for Reef Recovery in Gulf of Mannar, Southeast India. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 24 (53)

  • Selva Bharath, M., K. Diraviya Raj, Greta S. Aeby and J. K. Patterson Edward (2020). Observations of brown band disease in the Gulf of Mannar, India. Marine and Freshwater Research,

  • Diraviya Raj, K., Mathews, G., Obura, D.O., Laju, R.L., Bharath, M.S., Kumar, P.D., Arasamuthu, A., Kumar, T.K.A. and Edward, J.K.P. (2020) Low oxygen levels caused by Noctiluca scintillans bloom kills corals in Gulf of Mannar, India. Scientific Reports, 10, 22133.

  • Narmatha Sathish, M., Immaculate Jeyasanta, K. and Jamila Patterson (2020). Microplastic Contamination in River Kosasthalaiyar, Associated Creek and Lake of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Journal of Aquatic Biology & Fisheries (Special Issue on Rivers), Vol.8(S), 68-76.

  • Mahalakshmi Boopathi and Patterson Edward, J.K. (2020) Soft Corals as Efficient Bio-Indicators of Toxic Metals in the Reefs of Vaan Island, Gulf of Mannar, Journal of Aquatic Biology & Fisheries, Vol.8: 124-132.

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