Research Papers - 2011

  • Patterson Edward, J.K. and Rob J. Leewis, 2011. Artificial reefs – Increasing biodiversity
    and long term coastal fisheries in the Tuticorin region, India. in “Climate of Coastal Cooperation”, Robbert Misdorp (editor), published by the Coastal and Marine Union- EUCC, Leiden, the Netherlands.

  • Sivaramakrishnan, T., Rudie H. Kuiter and Jamila Patterson (2011). Occurrence of western Indian Ocean seahorse Hippocampus borboniensis Duméril, 1870, in the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine SciencesJMS Vol.40 (5),642 – 644 .

  • Sinduja Prakash, Immaculate Jeyasanta, Reiba carol and Jamila Patterson (2011). Microbial quality of salted and sun dried sea foods of Tuticorin dry fish market, Southeast coast of India. International Journal of Microbiological Research 2 (2): 188-195.

  • Rajesh Sthevan , T. Siva rama Krishnan and Jamila Patterson ( 2011). The heavy metal pollution in Punnakayal estuary of Tuticorin coast, Tamil Nadu. Global Journal of Environmental Research, 5 (2): 89 – 96.

  • Bharathi, V., Jamila Patterson and R. Rajendiran (2011). Optimization of extraction of phenolic compounds from Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh using Response Surface Methodology. International Journal of Biological and Medical Sciences, 1:1, 46-50.

  • Ditty Chacko and Jamila Patterson (2011). Qualities of octopus meat balls developed using smashed potato and bengal gram starches. World Journal of Dairy and Food sciences 6 (2): 130 – 135.

  • Rajee, O. and Jamila Patterson (2011). Decolorization of Azo Dye (Orange MR) by an Autochthonous Bacterium, Micrococcus sp. DBS 2. Indian Journal of Microbiology, Vol. 51(2), 159-163.

  • Ashok Kumar, P., Babu Joseph and Jamila Patterson (2011). Antibiotic and heavy metal resistance profile of pathogens isolated from infected fish in Tuticorin, south-east coast of India. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 58(2): 121-125

  • Thinesh, T., G. Mathews and J.K. Patterson Edward, 2011. Coral disease prevalence in the Palk Bay, Southeastern India – with special emphasis to black band. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, Vol.40 (6): 813-820.

  • Deepak Samuel, V. and Jamila Patterson, 2011. Experimental culture of the Pharaoh’s cuttlefish Sepia pharaonis, Ehrenberg 1831, under closed circulation systems. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, Vol.40 (6): 841-846.

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