Research Papers - 2007

  • Jamila Patterson and C.J. Bindu, (2007) Development of meat balls from finfish, prawns and molluscs: quality and sensory analysis. Ital. J. Food Sci., Vol. 19 (2): 209-216.

  • Sugirtha P. Kumar and J.K. Patterson Edward, (2007) Hydrobiology of Manakudi Estuary – Southwest coast of India during closed period – a rapid study. Indian Hydrobiology, 10 (2): 219-230.

  • Murugan, A., R. Leka Meera, P. Raja and K. Arul Senthil, (2007). Antibacterial activity of the seaweed Chaetomorpha antennina and its epiphytic bacteria against biofilm and human pathogenic bacteria. Seaweed Research and Utilization, 29(1&2): 67-74.

  • Santhana Ramasamy, M. and A. Murugan, (2007). Fouling deterrent chemical defence in three muricid gastropod egg masses from the Southeast coast of India. Biofouling, 23(3/4): 259-265.

  • Shani John and Jamila Patterson, (2007) Probiotic activity and antibiotic resistance pattern of microbes isolated from shrimp ponds. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, Vol. 49(2): 127-133.

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