Research Papers - 2021

  • Diraviya Raj, K., Kumar, P.D., Mathews, G. and Edward, J.K.P. (2021) Spear-fishing with surface supplied diving disturbs the ecological balance in Gulf of Mannar, southeast India. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, 50(01): 71-74.

  • Patterson Edward, J.K., M. Jayanthi, H. Malleshappa, K. Immaculate Jeyasanta, R.L. Laju, Jamila Patterson, K. Diraviya Raj, G. Mathews, A.S. Marimuthu and Gabriel Grimsditch (2021). COVID-19 lockdown improved the health of coastal environment and enhanced the population of reef-fish, Marine Pollution Bulletin,

  • Salimi, P.A., Creed, J.C., Esch, M.M., Fenner, D., Jaafar, Z., Levesque, J.C., Montgomery, A.D., Salimi, M.A., Patterson Edward, J.K., Diraviya Raj, K. and Sweet, M. (2021) A review of the diversity and impact of invasive non-native species in tropical marine ecosystems. Marine Biodiversity Records, 14, 11 (2021).

  • Mathews, G., Diraviya Raj, K., Laju, R.L., Bharath, M.S., Kumar, P.D., Arasamuthu, A. Asir, N.G.G., Kumar, T.K.A., Jayanthi, M. and Edward, J.K.P. (2021) First approach to the characterization of the ecological succession on perforated trapezoidal multi-purpose reef modules: building climate resilience. Ocean and Coastal Management, 210 (2021), 105669.

  • Diraviya Raj, K., Aeby, G.S., Mathews, G., Williams, G.J., Caldwell, J., Laju, R.L., Selva, M.S., Kumar, P.D., Arasamuthu, A., Asir, N.G.G., Wedding, L., Davies, A.J., Moritsch, M. and Patterson Edward, J.K. (2021) Coral reef resilience differs among islands within the Gulf of Mannar, southeast India following successive coral bleaching events. Coral Reefs,

  • Jamila Patterson, K. Immaculate Jeyasanta, R.L. Laju and J.K. Patterson Edward (2021). Microplastic contamination in Indian edible mussels (Perna perna and Perna viridis) and their environs, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 171 (2021) 112678,

  • Emmett J.S., Diraviya Raj, K., Mathews, G. and Laju, R.L. (2021) Opportunistic spongivore fishes in a reef of Gulf of Mannar, India. Environmental Biology of Fishes,

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