Research Papers - 2017

  • Diraviya Raj, K., Monolisha, S., and Patterson Edward, J. K., 2017. Impacts of traditional shore seine operation along the Tuticorin coast, Gulf of Mannar, southeast India. Current Science, 112(1): 40-45.

  • Thinesh, T., Mathews, G., Diraviya Raj, K. and Edward, J.K.P., 2017. Outbreaks of Acropora white syndrome and Terpios sponge overgrowth combined with coral mortality in Palk Bay, southeast coast of India. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, dao03155

  • Mathews, G., Diraviya Raj, K., Rajesh, S., Dinesh Kumar, P. and Edward, J.K.P., 2017. First record of Turbinaria patula (Scleractinia) from Palk Bay, India. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, 46(1): 190-191.

  • Lilly, T.T., Immaculate, J.K. and *Jamila, P., 2017. Macro and micronutrients of selected marine fishes in Tuticorin, South East coast of India. International Food Research Journal 24(1): 191-201.

  • Immaculate Jeyasanta, K., S.I. Jeyanth Allwin and Jamila Patterson, 2017. Development of nutritious chutney powder from shrimp head waste for better utilization to reduce environmental pollution. Research Journal of Animal, Veterinary and Fishery Sciences 5 (3), 1- 8.

  • Immaculate Jeyasanta, K. and Jamila Patterson, 2017. Effect of formulated feed on the biochemical composition of cultured shrimp, Penaeus monodon (Fabricius, 1798). International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research, 2 (1), 15 – 22.

  • Immaculate Jeyasanta, K. and Jamila Patterson, 2017. Survey landing of trash fishes in the major fish landing centers of Tuticorin, South east coast of India. Indian Journal of Geo- Marine Sciences. 46 (05), 1022 – 51043.

  • Patterson Edward, J.K., Mathews, G., Diraviya Raj, K., Laju, R.L., Selva Bharath, M., Arasamuthu, A., Dinesh Kumar, P., Deepak S. Bilgi, and Malleshappa, H., 2017. Severe Coral Bleaching in the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India: a status update. Reef Encounter, Vol.31 (1), August 2017:65-68.

  • Immaculate Jeyasanta, T. Lilly and Jamila Patterson, 2017. Prevalence of Vibrio species in the Cultured Shrimp and Their Antibiotic Resistants. Asian Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Vol. 1(8),100-111.

  • Velammal, A., Saritha, K., Immaculate, J.K. and Jamila Patterson, 2017. Food safety and shelf life of cooked meat of brown mussel, Perna perna (Linnaeus, 1758) stored under different temperatures. International Food Research Journal, Vol. 24(6): 2609-2615.

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